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Mailbox Maintenance & Snow Regulations

Plow damage to items in the Township Right of Way, e.g. mailboxes, retaining walls, shrubs and plantings, WILL NOT be the responsibility of Raritan Township.  Any snow plow damage that may occur in these locations is not done intentionally.

Mailbox Maintenance

Snow season will soon be here. Please make sure your mailbox is sufficiently secured and properly placed. Any person, who places their mailbox in such a position as to obstruct the normal use or maintenance of a roadway, is doing so improperly and the Township of Raritan is not responsible for any box which may be inadvertently damaged or destroyed during the course of snow removal.

Take note, your mailbox sits outside year after year in all kinds of weather and should be examined every year to insure its sturdiness and ability to withstand the weight of the snow thrown from the plows.

Again, this snow season the Township of Raritan WILL NOT reimburse homeowners for mailboxes that were damaged from snow being thrown from the plows.
In the event your mailbox is damaged please NJRM at 908-231-8770.